Paris–NY–London–Cremona New York University, NEW YORK Decaux Warner Bros proposal for JC Decaux New York University, NEW YORK realized with Il Prisma Milano BBRAUN MELSUNGEN BBRAUN MELSUNGEN realized with Il Prisma Milano Laghetto pools Laghetto pools Laghetto pools realized with D&sign srl and studio BK AME realized with Gregotti Associati International PUJIANG Azimut Milan Innichen square


The brace position is the resistance of an architecture, or a philosophy in its time and
place, understood as a possible immovable position or as an indispensable form of thinking.





Over the centuries the figure of the architect has undergone a series of important modifications.

If we look at the etymological root of the word, i.e. the Greek term which describes his function as an “organizer of builders,” we see just how much things have changed nowadays.

We can also say that at a geographical level, in the world, there are different nuances (more or less accentuated) with regard to the new role that this figure ought to play.

It seems clear that the extreme specialization of the various supply chains of the building industry in the American (and in general Anglo-Saxon) world is not matched by a similar specialization in the construction sector in the Mediterranean region (including Italy).

It is as if there was a tendency, in this part of the world, to see the activity of the architect as a direct legacy of the workshops of the master’s active at the dawn of Modernity, i.e. in the Renaissance.

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